Remodeling and Home Design

“Hi Deb - I am speechless! Those pictures look so great, you do fabulous work! I can't wait to get the listing updated.  Thank you so much, everything looks beautiful.”

                                                JD Homeowner and Real Estate Agent  Waverly NY/Gales Ferry CT

"Hi Deb,Thanks for the pointers. The showing went really well. They gave us an offer today. Thank you again for all your help, I know it was what made the difference."

                                                   T.J    Homeowner  Corning NY

"I just wanted to let you know how much of an amazing job you did.  Every person that went through the house after it was staged said they were interested and the house looked great.  Thank you your staging made a huge difference and I thank you so much."

                                                 C D  Homeowner  Big Flats

"Hi Deb,
Just wanted to update you--we have sold our home, and will close on April 11th. We have found our new home up in Maine, and close there on the 25th. Thanks for your help staging our home---every person commented on it's beauty, which, of course, you brought out by staging. Our new family LOVES our home."

                                               Debbie  Homeowner   Chemung NY

“Thanks for all the ideas on the phone the other day.  We had a lot of interest last week, so I decided to hold off a little longer on calling the landscaper.  I'm glad I did - we sold the house!  Carl (Carl Romans Realty USA Elmira NY) definitely credited the staging for making a big difference.  Thanks for all your help.
The best part for me was knowing what to focus on (top ten list).  I also liked your alternate layouts for the rooms – I never would have been able to envision that myself.”

                                               VMiss  Homeowner  Horsheads, NY

"Deb, Thank you for a job well done.  I do have a contract.  We are very excited!  In our new house as of this weekend.  So much to do but getting there. Thank you again for your help.  Your advice was fabulous!"

                                               D Raupers   Homeowner   Waverly NY

"I am a real estate agent working for REALTYUSA. I had the pleasure of working with Deb on a property that I had listed for sale. She was called directly by the owner. The house was sold shortly after it was Staged. Debra is a true professional. She made the showing process of this property an experience to behold. I would highly recommend Debra Landy to anyone who needs professional assistance on getting their home ready to sell."
                                               S Dublin    RE Agent   Realty USA

“You did a great job with my client (as usual). Thank you again. You are like having a ‘Genie’ in my pocket”                                   K Ingram    RE Agent    Keller Williams

"I can honestly say, I once wondered why anyone needed to hire a "Staging" expert. I had watched plenty of HGTV and figured, 'I can make this happen' Well, I was wrong. First of all, it is so hard to part with or pair down your own items, so the outside eye is extremely helpful. Secondly, Deb's eye and expertise want way beyond what my mind and creativity level could conceptualize!...My rooms have all been 'touched' by her expertise as she showed me how to make everything look that much more simple! She was exceptional at showing me how I could use so many of my own belongings, just in a better way - to help see this house! I had an open house today and the reviews were great! My real estate agent was amazed! -
                                               K Maloney   Homeowner    Elmira NY

"Deb, you are so talented and helped to bring out the best in our S. Main St. home. The fact that is sold so quickly in this difficult economic time is remarkable. Without the 'Stage Two Sell' influence this would not have been possible. Thank you,thank you, thank you for all your energy, strength, talent and skills." -

                                               CCohen    Homeowner   Athens PA


“I don’t know if Carl Romans contacted you after our house closed.  He asked the buyers what sold them on our house.  The husband kept looking at the house on-line and telling the wife how great it looked inside.  She didn’t want to live in a “barn”.  A few weeks later, she found the same house on-line and told him how great it was!  (I think that was when I asked Carl to change the first picture of the outside – from his pic to yours.)  They said the pictures of the inside really sold the place to them!  Thanks again for all your help.”

                                               V Mis Homeowner  Horseheads NY

"I am happy to recommend Debra Landy and Stage Two Sell.  At a time when higher end homes tend to sit on the market for 6 mos. To a year, we were under contract in 30 days and at a very attractive price!”                                      Realtor, Elmira NY

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated all your help. I'm glad that we met. I truly believed, staging helped sell this house. Wish that I have met you earlier.
Thanks again"

                                                C Ly   Realtor   Elmira NY

"Hi Deb,
Thanks for all the time you took. Your observations and suggestions were spot on. I have already started on some of the can do right now things! I am thinking about how to move the furniture items I no longer want to keep and will contact you if I think I need help."
                                                Kathleen  Homeowner  Elmira NY

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