We are here to help you prepare your property for selling or living better.
With a Staged® home you can expect:
  • Better On Line photos - Over 90 % of buyers look on line before viewing a home in person.
  • Increased Curb Appeal - Buyers will want to see more. You want to be on their "must see" list.
  • De-cluttered Spaces - We want to sell your house, not your things.
  • De-personalized Rooms - Buyers can see themselves moving into your house.
  • Enhanced Furniture Arrangements – We can use your existing furniture in new ways to accentuate the best features of each space.
  • Wider Range of Potential Buyers – Staged® homes appeal to a greater number of people.
  • More Showings - Agents know it is a home that will show well to their clients.
Begin Here:  

On Line READY-SET-LIST: A DIY Homestaging Guide                                           $29.95

Ready Set List is a complete online system to get your home ready for sale and help you identify what needs to be done and what is most important. 

Easy to understand, this guide takes you from beginning to end and saves you the time from reading long books or searching the internet for Home Staging instructions.

These strategies have worked to stage millions of dollars worth of property and have helped hundreds of homeowners and they can help you too.

Verbal Consultation                                                 Starting at  $150.

In a Verbal In Person Consultation, we will walk through your property room by room discussing the market-readiness of the home and what steps we recommend taking in order to best market your home.  During this time it is important to remember that this is not a personal interior decorating consultation but rather a strategic marketing plan to most efficiently neutralize the home in order to appeal to a greater number of buyers.  You are encouraged to take notes for your own reference. This consultation may last 2-3 hours.  

Written  Consultation                                                                   $85.

As an additional service we follow up the  Consultation with a complete report listing all the recommendations.  This is a great choice for the D-I-Y homeowner.
If you have the time and plan to complete the preparations yourself,  we can email  you a Detailed Consultation Report  detailing exactly what needs to be done, room by room. You’ll know what needs to be put away or kept, how the rooms should be arranged and how they can be merchandised to make your home show like a dream. 

 Home Staging Services : Occupied         1/2 Day    4 hours  $299.00   

                                                                     Full Day   8 hours $450.00 

Stage Two Sell can help you create an exciting new look so your rooms will photograph well and show beautifully for showings.  Included in this service:

  • Recommendations for minor repairs, paint colors, fixture and lighting updates and other minor cosmetic improvements.  
  • Re-arranging your furniture and artwork for an updated look.
  • Packing and staging assistance.

Additionally, if some accessories from our warehouse may enhance your staged listing, we can arrange for you to use these  while the house is on the market. We are also happy to help you locate painters and carpenters if needed.

Complete  Home Staging :Vacant                Starting at  $1,495.00

 Empty rooms actually look smaller in person then if they have furniture in them, and on line they are void of any life and lifestyle.  Full Staging  is the most effective when staging a vacant home.  With a full stage, we will stage the main areas of the home with the exception of the secondary bedrooms. We can also do  Key Room Staging to showcases the first few rooms buyers see.
Price varies with rooms to be staged.  2 month minimum required on rental inventory.Please call to discuss specifics and pricing in more detail.

Room Redesign                                             Starting at $250.00

Want to reorganize and give you rooms a fresh look?  We can help you give your rooms a fresh look for living and selling down the road.

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